"I take an average of six trips per summer with Brenda because I know that each and every trip will be special. With her as my guide, I consistently catch incredible numbers of large fish because she knows the river so well, handles the boat expertly, repeatedly puts me on feeding fish, and always gets me in the best possible position to cast no matter what the water and weather conditions. Even though I have been flyfishing for over thirty years, I always learn something new every time we fish together. On top of all this, Brenda is friendly, patient, and a great fishing companion. I recommend her with great enthusiasm for beginners and experts alike."

-Tina Brashers, Charlottesville, Virginia

"Thanks,again, for taking good care of us.  Your patience, even-tempered demeanor, and good-natured tolerance of our all too frequent gaffes is very much appreciated.  I also appreciate your accomodating my occasional need for an afternoon rest while Sally continues to inscribe her graphite arcs.  Yes, Sally "fishes hard"  but it should also be acknowledged that you "guide hard"--from put in to take out." 

-Michael and Sally Yow, Media, Pennsylvania

"Just a quick note to thank you for the two days of exciting fishing. Your personality, and your knowledge of the water, the fish, and the flies made this a special trip which I rank in the top ten of all the fly fishing experiences I have had in my lifetime, certainly in the top five when considering dry fly fishing...Brenda's Golden Stone strikes again...When it comes to the 'great riffle,' I hope someday to return--you can take me there, read a book, while I have a 50 fish day. In my mind I have renamed it 'Awesome Reef'...Our appreciation to the best guide in Idaho."

-John Heslink, Pittsford, New York

"My son and I talked the whole (trip home) about our two days on the South Fork with you!! The wade fishing in the Canyon was the best time ever. The South Fork is truly an amazing fishery...Thank you for a wonderful time."

-Wayne Blessing, Fenton, Michigan

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in guiding Jim and me on our trip. You are an outstanding guide who is very patient and has a great knowledge of what bugs to fish."

-Ron Lustig, Nashville, Tennessee

"I can't tell you what a great time I had in your boat. I was so impressed; it was a trip I will never forget. I couldn't believe how the fish eat your flies, and the way you rowed your boat all over the river. I could go on and on, really, but instead, let me just thank you for one of the best days of my life."

-Harry Surtees, Palmdale, California

"Thanks again for such a great trip. I put it on my list of 'Greatest experiences' and it's near the top, too, I might add. I also greatly appreciated the instruction and correction to my casting and fishing skills. I have to tell you I really felt like it was forty years ago and I was fishing the Elwa River on the Olympic Peninsula. Oh, great sandwich, too!"

-Karl Shaffer, Seattle, Washington

"Thanks for two great days on the South Fork of the Snake. During the last 25 years, I've probably fished with more than two dozen guides, but none of them did a better job. I must admit I wondered how the day was going to go when I first saw all 5 foot 4 inches of you. But you put us on every bank, shelf, riffle, drop off, and side channel that held fish. You catered to our fishing styles and preferences. And your personality brightened both days."

-Mike Murach, Fresno, California

"Over the last several months the Sporting Fly team has had many opportunities to fish with some of the finest fly fishing guides in North America. When filming on the Snake River in Idaho, our team of 3 cameras, a sound man and 2 intermediate fishermen would have become a challenge for anyone. Not only did Brenda meet our team's needs in placing the boat in the best possible position for cameras and sound, she put me on great TROUT all day long. Her ability to read the water and select the best possible fly was uncanny. When Brenda broke out her fly pattern called 'PLAN B' my chuckle was short lived as I hooked many of the best Trout the Sporting Fly got on film. If you want a pleasant, aggressive, and knowledgeable fishing guide, plan ahead and get in touch with Brenda Swinney.

Note to Brenda: Brenda, I want to thank you for the great day, a real highlight of my five months of fishing rivers. Your PLAN B turned me into a catching machine."

-Dave Long, Host, The Sporting Fly

"I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful fishing partner on my last trip. That final afternoon - when I had that rainbow take out 75 yards of line, fought for 20 minutes with the cutthroat I hooked in the fin, and then nailed that big Brown right where you said a fish would be - was one of the finer afternoons of fishing in my life. So a big thank you."

-Steve Leder, Los Angeles, California

"...Floating with Brenda was an example of how professional Guide trips are to be run. She was punctual, cordial, prepared, patient, educational and very generous of her lengthy time on the water with us. The snacks and lunch were first rate. The fly selection was excellent. Most noticeable was her overall effort...I am 6' 7" 225 lbs. and my buddy is 6' 9" 230 lbs. She rowed us from one side of the river to the other throughout the entire day, against howling winds and a driving rain, without complaint. The rain finally stopped in the afternoon and we were treated to a triple hatch that had every big fish up in the riffles. The second half of the day's fishing was awesome, but the trip would have been just as much a success with our quality Guide for the day."

-Jim Carkonen, HeadWaters, Sun Valley, Idaho

"Thanks so much for a perfect day on the river! My brother Mark and I had the kind of trip we've all read about but never seem to put together... Having owned and operated a hunting guide service since 1986, I really appreciate your expertise, knowledge of the river, calmness surrounded by flailing rods and...you make a mean sub sandwich...Thanks again!"

-Craig Rossier, Paso Robles, California Camp Five Outfitters

"I was a last minute substitution for my husband...on the Charlie Russell Riders team in the (Jackson Hole) 'One Fly' competition. I was fortunate enough to draw Brenda as my guide on Sunday for the 'One Fly.' Her obvious knowledge of the South Fork was a benefit for both my boat partner and I. I sincerely feel that Brenda's diligence on putting us in good fishing water assisted me in taking second place in the amateur division, which also helped our team take second place!"

-Candy Coursey, Wilson, Wyoming

"Our guide Brenda was fantastic. She kept us on fish all day. It was a real pleasure to have her as a guide. When we come back next summer, we'd like her to guide us again!"

- Scott and Jacque Sanderson, Roswell, Georgia



Summer 2019

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This is my 23nd year guiding! How does this wildest dream keep going? Thank you to my  clients and friends.