Brendas Paintings

I have fallen in love with the landscape here in the Yellowstone Teton territory.  Many hours, days and years spent guiding on these rivers provide the inspiration for my paintings.

I am awed by the beauty of these places, and through the process of painting deepen my connection to these landscapes and rivers.  I hope to share this connection with you through my work.

Commissioned paintings

I happily accept commission work!

Contact me at for more information.

Current offerings

I am currently having technical difficulties posting new art. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to see my most current paintings, please contact me and I will make it available to you. Thanks for looking! - Brenda 

Teton River
Teton River 12x24
$ not for sale

Snake River Side Channel
Snake River Side Channel 24x30
$ 600 (sold)

Red Buffalo
Red Buffalo 20 x 26
$ not for sale

The Grand
The Grand 36 x 60 $ 4000

Rising 22 x 32
$ 600 (sold)

Remnants of Fall
Remnants of Fall 24 x 36 $ 600

Fall Creek Falls
Fall Creek Falls 16 x 46 $ 600 (sold)

Fall in the Canyon
Fall in the Canyon 18 x 48 $ 800 (sold)

Yellowstone, October
Yellowstone, October 36 x 48 $ 2000

Past work


Burns Creek

Burns Creek     24 x 36     sold 


Pacific Creek Moose

Pacific Creek Moose     30 x 40     sold    


Mount Moran

Mt. Moran     18 x 24     sold  


Henrys Fork 

Henry's Fork View     22 x 36     sold 


Teton Riverbank 

Teton Riverbank     16 x 28     sold  


Evening on the Teton 

Evening on the Teton     24 x 40     sold   

 Teton Willow

Teton Willow     8 x 10     sold  


Black Canyon

Black Canyon     30 x 32     sold  


 Cottonwood Bank

 Cottonwood Bank     14 x 34     sold 


 South Fork Cottonwoods

South Fork Cottonwoods     8 x 8     sold  


Oxbow Bend
Oxbow Bend 36x28

Harriman Ranch
Harriman Ranch 48x22

Rainey 16 x 36 (framed)

Cache 16 x 20 sold

Rising (8x10)
Rising 8 x 10 sold

South Bates
South Bates 16 x 36 sold

Teton Willows
Teton Willows 24 x 36 sold

Teton River at Cache
Teton River at Cache 30 x 34 sold

October Reflections 24 x 30 sold

Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall 24 x 36 sold

Table Rock
Table Rock 16 x 42 sold

Gormer Canyon
Gormer Canyon
(oil on wood panel)
24 x 48 sold

Bluffs at Dry Canyon 22 x 60 sold

Green River at Warren Bridge
Green River at Warren Bridge 24 x 36 sold

Burns Creek Channel
Burns Creek Channel 24 x 48 sold

Buffalo Fork
Buffalo Fork 24 x 30 sold

Fisher Bottom
Fisher Bottom
(oil on paper - framed)
8 1/2 x 11 sold

South Fork, September
South Fork, September 11 x 14 sold

Fall Creek Road
Fall Creek Road
(oil on cambric - framed)
8 x 10 sold

Targhee Pass Highway
Targhee Pass Highway not for sale

Sienna   not for sale


not for sale

Sandras Aspens
Sandra's Aspens   sold



Summer 2019

Follow me on instagram  @brendaswinney11 

Fishing is great! I still have some openings in August, September and October. Come on out! 

I have some new paintings at WorldCast fly shop, South Fork Lodge, and The Local Galleria. Hope you can stop by and take a look!

This is my 23nd year guiding! How does this wildest dream keep going? Thank you to my  clients and friends.